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Advertising inventory management

Our inventory management system enables ad tracking and reporting:


In order to manage the mobile inventory of a campaign, Adsmedia has developed a management tool called Adsmode. This tool permits fast and direct management, ensuring that the status of your campaign is monitored at all times, facilitating its insertion and launch.

This product:

  • Controls the creation and follow-up of inventories for banner-type mobile ads.
  • Controls SMS and MMS management, having the capacity to define which end users will receive these messages and the frequency with which they are sent.
  • Controls the download administration of sponsored video contents.
  • Defines the number of impressions per campaign
  • Defines the type of business model, whether CPM, CPC or CPA.
  • Provides information regarding the availability of inventory for third parties.
  • Assigns the volumen of discounts agreed with the customer.cliente.

Adsmode is the solution to easy mobile advertising inventory management.

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